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Our Vision is to empower you with the psychological knowledge and skills for truly authentic living and optimal psychological and holistic well-being.

A Range of Evidence Based Psychological Interventions in The Service of Your Empowerment

Clinical Psychology

Our clinical psychology services aim to help you overcome life’s challenges and improve your overall mental health and well-being through evidence-based assessment, diagnosis, and treatment tailored to your unique needs. We cater for a range of different mental health conditions.

Corporate Psychology

Our corporate psychology services focus on enhancing the effectiveness and well-being of individuals, teams, and organizations through evidence-based assessments, interventions, and coaching designed to optimize employee performance, engagement, and satisfaction.


Sport Psychology

Our sport psychology services are designed to help athletes at all levels improve their performance, overcome mental barriers, and achieve their full potential through evidence-based interventions, mental skills training, and personalized coaching tailored to their unique needs and goals.

I’m Iani de Kock –
Clinical Psychologist
from Windhoek

Being Well Psychology was founded by Iani de Kock. She’s a registered clinical psychologist working in in psychiatric, private, corporate and sports environments. She believes in empowerment and that we all have the capacity to heal ourselves and live our lives authentically with purpose and meaning.

What Our Clients Say

Iani is such a beautiful person, and that beauty shines through her sessions. She is very compassionate, very understanding, she does not judge, and truly cares for her patients and wants the best for them. She has helped me so much! From underlying, undealt-with emosional issues, to the every day conundrums, she always knows how to let me reach a conclusion and an answer. I cannot reccomend her enough!
Marquerette Gey van Pittius


“Iani has a way of leading you back to yourself, and that is what I appreciate the most. She creates a safe place for you to process and heal and the support and guidance to move through and grow.”
Hermien Elago


“The Namibia University of Sciences and Technology under the auspices of the Department Student Services Social Welfare Unit have been working with Ms Iani de Kock since 2019. I invited her for our Mental Health Campaign in 2019 and also now in 2021 to talk to students about mental health. Her ability to communicate very difficult concepts in an easy to understand language makes her a very popular choice for students.
Lizelle Miller (Nust)


“Iani is the best psychologist I have ever met (and I have been to a few). She played a crucial role in getting me to where I am today. I will be forever grateful to her. Her revolutionary way of tackling major issues is impressive.”
Michael Christoffel


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What We Believe in

Our Vision is to empower clients with the psychological knowledge and skills for truly authentic living and optimal psychological well-being

Our Mission is to offer a range of quality and evidence-based psychological interventions in the service of client empowerment and truly authentic living and holistic well-being.

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