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Clinical Psychology

A host of therapeutic modalities are utilized depending on the need of each client/group as assessed during an intake session comprising of a client history, mental status exam and family history (genogram) and/or any other assessment further deemed necessary including personality-, diagnostic- and projective assessments. A client-centred approached founded on psycho-education and client empowerment and involvement in each stage of the therapeutic process is one of our highest values.

Corporate Psychology

Iani has over 15 years experience in education, training, group facilitation, team-building and training content design, allowing for specialised wellness solutions tailored to your specific corporate wellness needs. All trainings are available in person or over online platforms, like Zoom or Teams, but are run in an interactive and practical manner regardless of medium.
Being Well Psychology also collaborates with Drum Café Namibia using interactive drumming, drumming, games and activities for a variety of team-building events, designed in alignment with your company’s training needs.

Sport Psychology

Iani was recruited by Cricket Namibia as the Mental Training Coach for the national cricket team, The Eagles, from October 2020 in preparation for the World Cup to be hosted in India October 2021 for which she has designed various group trainings as well as individual interventions. She offers both individual and group coaching and all interventions are selected depending on psychometric assessments and client needs.

Discover the healing powers of mindfulness

The last decade, it seems that mindfulness meditation has become all the rage, especially with Silicon Valley tycoons, like Google, professing that mindfulness meditation enhances the productivity and employee satisfaction of their staff. Is this hype justified with mindfulness meditation that is being touted as revolutionary in fields as wide as business, sports to medicine and mental health?

It is helpful to become familiar with the meaning of mindfulness, as well as how it relates to and differs from other kinds of meditation. According to Jon Kabat-Zin, the founder of mindfulness based stress reduction therapy, mindfulness refers to the “…awareness arising from paying attention to the present moment in service of the cultivation of wisdom, kindness and compassion.” Mindfulness therefore refers to the quality of being present and fully engaged with whatever we’re doing at the moment – as a source of information without identification or judgment.

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