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Raising independent children

In the light of this Namibian Independence month, we thought to delve a bit deeper intowhat nurtures an authentic, independent spirit in children who then grow into confident,independent and resilient adults. All parents want their children to be happy, well-balanced, confident and content withinthemselves. As adults who have grown up working hard on having those

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Neurodivergent: Brains Wired Differently

All the rage… but what does it mean? Neurodivergent is one of the latest buzz words on most online platforms at the moment. We have numerous social media influencers, and diversity and inclusion specialists highlighting the ways in which we, the neurodivergent folk, can be better accommodated in workplace environments and in day-to-day life in

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Why Gender Identity Matters

An interesting new trend that is going viral globally amongst new parents expecting their new babies into the world is the gender reveal party. How do gender reveal parties work? Instead of notifying the new parents of the sex of the baby still in the womb, the doctor notifies a family member who then informs

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Unhelpful ways of thinking.

Whenever people talk about mental illnesses, they often say that they are illnesses of the mind and of overthinking. In fact, overthinking, also called rumination, is the very hallmark of depression, anxiety, and many other mental disorders. A good way to deal with overthinking is to learn to recognize when our thinking is becoming a

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#MeTooNamibia. Why Now? Why survivors of sexual assault do not report.

For years, if not decades already, we as a nation have had a dirty little secret, being Gender-based violence (GBV), and specifically, sexual assault. Yes, it is something we all know and talks about openly in the media whenever another “passion-killer” strikes again. And strike he will. And then we ask with each blow, why?

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